In speech therapy, we work on the speech and language of the child so that he can speak like a normal child.

When the child is not able to pronounce any word properly till the age of two or two and a half years, then children need speech therapy.

At home, talk to us by giving attention to the children and get the daily use items of the house identified. Then practice words.

If children have problem in some words, then they should select that word from us at home. For example, whatever is a similar word, it should be practiced at home. If there is no improvement even after that, then we should show speech therapy immediately.

If children need any item at home, then we should keep in mind that first of all, the child tries his best to explain by gesture. But the signal should not be paid any attention at all. We should try to speak to us whatever is needed and we should practice to speak from it.

Seriously speaking, there is no one answer to this. It completely depends on the child and the therapist and the home environment.

In occupational therapy, we teach children or adults with mental or physical diseases how to live a normal life.

When we start to feel that the normal growth and development of the child is not happening, then occupational therapy should be started. For this we should not wait till any age.

In occupational therapy, we first work on the setting attention command and then on the child's response. If the child needs exercise, we also make him exercise along with it.

We should do whatever game the children like by sitting with them or doing puzzles or any other activities with them.

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